Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Our Travel Plans

Matt and I will leave for Turkey next Monday. I thought I'd give you an outline of our travel plans.

We plan to spend the first few days of our trip in beautiful Istanbul. We are looking forward to visiting Hagia Sofia, the Blue Mosque and the Grand Bazaar.

Photo: Hagia Sofia, photos by Oberazzi

Then we will travel to Izmir, a coastal city. The city is the country's second largest port after Istanbul. We will spend the day in Izmir, and then travel to the hostel in Sel├žuk. We also plan to visit Ephesus, which is known for its well preserved ruins. Matt will write a more in depth post later this week.

Photo: Library in Ephesus. Photo by shapeshift


Amelia said...

Hey! I am checking your blog, but you haven't posted anything! Oh, well, have fun and write about it later! I hope you guys eat some shawarma for me.

Kiki said...

ohmuhgawsh... I hope you guys are having fun! I can't wait to hear about your adventuressss...... I'm teaching the high school chillunz about the Ottoman Turks right now and I think I have mentioned each class that my friends are gonna be in Turkey, and now you guys actually are!

Kiki said...

(by the way, this is Caroline)

noelle vacchio said...

hello out there! hope you're both still enjoying your wonderful escape! just wanted to let you know i'm thinking about you and praying for safe travels. by the way, hannah, do you need a ride home from the airport since you'll be heading back alone?