Monday, October 27, 2008


I know many of you have been clamoring for photos of our trip to Turkey (and beyond). Well, clamor no more, for I have just set up my very own Flickr account. Gradually I will upload all of my halfway decent pictures to organized sets for your enjoyment. In the meantime, please enjoy the photos we took of the Hagia Sophia and our first days in Istanbul.

And oh yeah. I'm safely in Fez, Morocco, in what will be my room for the next 3-4 weeks. Classes start on Wednesday. And I'm afraid I may be the only student in the class...


Anonymous said...

So glad you made it all the way, and it sounds like you're on time and doing good! What are your impressions of Morocco so far? Why do you think you might be the only student enrolled? I guess as long as they do the class, it's not really that bad.

Thanks for the post. We'll be looking at those pictures!


Tim said...

I was wondering why you were going to be there for so long .. it makes sense now. Are you doing some sort of exchange thing? What are these classes you speak of?

- tim

Anonymous said...

Soooooo, if you're the only student in the class you'll get LOTS of individual attention!!!!

Enjoy! Mom

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, your photos are AWESOME!!!!! Mom again

Hannah said...

Oh no! I guess that means you can't just slide by in the back of the class. Otherwise it sounds like a private tutor for 3 weeks. You're going to come back fluent! Oh, and I miss you terribly.