Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Answering Questions

Dad: I'm not sure why I'm the only student. My guess is that it's the middle of October and not the summer season when there might be a lot more people. Nevertheless, though, the school's Residence is almost full. We'll see how it goes tomorrow. Morocco's pretty cool, although there is definitely a lot of poverty here (and trash). I was surprised to see how stylish the people in Casablanca were, even the women wearing headscarves.

Tim: Yeah, after our two-week excursion in Turkey, I'm doing a three-week Arabic language study in Fez, Morocco. The class I'm taking is Introduction to the Arabic Newspaper, and it's slightly above the level that I left off at in school, so I'm a little worried. On the way here I had to overnight in Spain, which is why I spent a day wandering around Madrid. I should be back from Morocco by the end of November.

Is there anything else you'd like me to clear up?

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