Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Today is the last full day we have together in Istanbul. I know, you guys probably wish we would have posted more often instead of being out and about, but that's what you do when you get back home!

Our time back in Istanbul has been quite fun. Having already seen most of the main attractions, we decided to go off venturing into the wild city. Last night we went off in search of the world's best baklava shop, and let's just say that it shoots the bar into outer space. After that, we went searching for a ticket office where I might buy tickets to a Turkish football (soccer) game, but after hours of searching and finally finding it, the game was sold out. Alas, but at least we explored a new exciting section of the city. It was the trendy designer-clothes district, quite unlike the housewife-filled market we had explored earlier. Needless to say, there were no veiled women in this happenin' nightlife area. Things like that really underscore the paradox of Turkish society, and show that its mentality as a whole nation is developing even quicker than its modern standards. I'm really going to miss this place.

Later, we'll post some of our favorite pictures from the trip. But before you know it, Hannah will be back with you guys and I'll be continuing my journey to Spain and thence to Morocco.


Anonymous said...

NOOOOOOO!!! I won't have my daily fix of Matt and Hannah!!!! We'll need the 2nd edition of Matt goes to Morocco.


Angie said...

Have a safe trip home, Hannah. Be seeing you soon! -Love Angie